About Brokop.com


Brokop.com is a ‘Full Service’ production house, which—besides the obvious in developing strong stories and exciting visual solutions—often adds ‘the element of surprise.’
It is not certain that it will be ‘the surprise’ that comes out on the TV screens in the living rooms, or will be shown on Facebook in a campaign banner or something else, but we think you should at least have the opportunity to be surprised! It is a human right to be presented with one or more exciting angles on Your brand – we think!

Our experience is that it is all about listening to the customer – what it really is they say and then translate that it into a solution. A solution that respect the customer, but at the same time gives the creative input and counter-play that they are entitled—since it is them who pays for the whole party.

It may well be that what it takes is creative craftsmanship and not more than that – and that is ok. We can do that easily and enjoy doing it. We take great pride in doing a good crafty and stable job.
After all, this is what we make most of.

But often we are invited to surprise!
“Give us a new angle on this” the brief will often be from the customer. “The starting point is such and such and the values ​​are these. Keep inside those frames, but besides that; GO NUTS!”

And the meetings we have subsequently held where we present the new thoughts, ideas and inspirational visual approaches; words are not enough describe the ‘twinkle’ in everyone’s eyes when they get the idea and come up with more ideas to expand that idea and more expansions to that idea and further evolvement of the concept.

As written in the introduction; it is not certain that it is the revolutionary new exciting angles of the brand that reach the end user. But the point here is that it is about the process itself!
The end result will under all circumstances be good; things will be visually strong, the campaign will show good statistics and you will be positioned stronger in the market afterwards.
But if you can enjoy the journey on the road to those results, while having your horizon expanded and professionally creative feedback on your brand … well … what’s not to like.

A bit like eating stuffed chocolates!
We have all our favorites and the ones we stick to. But sometimes you would have to challenge yourself to try some of the others! The exciting one up there in the corner — the one with the strange surface in the middle — and also the one with the funny weird twisted shape — and maybe even the same with that strange pattern on top.

Sometimes you stick to the classics – the ones you know and are comfortable with.
Other times you are surprised at how good the alternative is.

Sometimes you just have to allow yourself to be surprised.

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