Case Study:

A very versatile video marketing and branding solution


The Case: have had great success since they launched their intelligent digital commerce solution. But like all other brands, they wanted to — after some time — to reevaluate their brand and marketing status. They wanted to make the needed adjustments — not only to adapt to, but also DEFINE an ever growing and changing retail market.

The Study:
So the CEO of — Jacob Laurvigen — contacted to hear our take on what direction we should take to the brand.

The Solution:
The aim was to take’s brand to new heights in and tell the story of a solid, versatile and future proof digital commerce intelligence suite — and to tell it in an way that would 1:1 send that signal via the story and the digital solutions in the branding video.

Down below is a very short recreation of the branding development story for this the case story.

The logo

The logo’s foundation and overall branding story still fitted the brand; an organic organisation which have a futuristic vibe over it. But it needed some adjustments in order for the story of the logo and brand to fit the way the commerce intelligence market had evolved.

1) The Rings’s commerce intelligence suite had been developed to fit and adapt to an ever growing need of adaption to different markets. It is not just ‘one-size-fits-all.’ People are different and organisations are different. We decided to symbolise that by making the size of the rings be different sizes, as a metaphor for the dexi brand to be ready to suit different needs, organisational sizes and approaches.

2) The colors
The colors needed to be a bit less ‘conservative.’ In the old version, the logo were kind of desaturated, whereas the new version should tell the story of a dynamic, powerful and more future prof organisation. The new colours signal that.

3) The font
The font we designed to be more aerodynamic, signaling speed and flexibility + the corners and edges we we gave it more rounding, so it looks more friendly and appealing to the eye.

2D hand animation

Ideas typically come to live when you get your hands in on it — you get to ‘touch’ the brand — get your hands ‘dirty’ sort a speak.

So we got the idea to demonstrate the brainstorm and organic proces dexi had been through and still are in and are providing their customers, with a strong basic frame-by-frame hand animation of Jacobs hand, catching the thoughts and bringing them to live with the decision on how we wanted to explain this abstract concept; with a metaphor.

3D animations of a metaphor


Jacob suggested a metaphor of ships and navigation, demonstrating the different needs you will have, whether you’re one or another type of sailor:
What kind of winds would you need, where would you anchor up, which type of boat fits your needs.

3D animations of a metaphor


Similarly to the ship metaphor; your need as — for instance — a retail store, is totally different whether you are a ‘everyday consumer’ brand or a ‘high-end’ luxury brand. The audience, the settings, the environment, the decoration, the foundation etc. etc. differs in so many ways. And you need a solid intelligence solution to help you making the right choices for your store.

And that requires an intelligent, ever AI expanding engine that gets its data based on empiric research, efficient data structure, thorough insights + a lot more, that will lead to the logic conclusions of your choice.


It’s just dolphins!
Jumping up and down the water. No big deal. Just wanted to add something that would give that feeling of moving forward — that the sailboat wasn’t just standing still on the table.

The Grand Finale!

At the end we get a small glimpse into the intelligent engine itself. 
We come to the obvious conclusion that is the right choice of Digital Commerce Intelligent solution — and we come to the conclusion with the help of Digital futuristic motion-graphics.



In the discussion of the matter of what marketing tools would work best, video marketing was almost inevitable. That’s just the way you communicate today. So there was no question about whether or not we should produce a video. The question was; what kind of video?

The question!
And there was one thing we constantly asked ourselves when figuring out how to communicate and determining the style: “How do we communicate this abstract phenomenon ‘digital commerce intelligence’ and how do we tell about it’s value?”

And then the idea came up: “Why don’t we say that in the movie and let that be the angle?” And so it was! After that everything more or less just added up.

Versatility is key
The rest of the story and style to the video production more or less just floated out of the pen. It quickly became aware that we should demonstrate the versatility of in the versatility of the video production; we should use almost all the tools we had in the video toolbox; Videoshoot, motion-graphics, 2D hand drawn animation, 3D animation, VFX … the works!

Below is the finale production. Enjoy 🙂

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