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Find the Best Motion Design Studio for Your Brand with These 3 Valuable Traits

Whether you’re launching a business or looking for creative new ways to grab your target audience’s attention, motion design is a powerful marketing tool.

In this post, we cover 3 key traits to look for as you shop around. By the end, you’ll be able to confidently choose the best motion designer to take your brand to the next level.

Trait One: The Portfolio/Reel

The design reel should be a short video that splices together some of the motion design studio’s best content.

The reel itself shows the studio’s ability to cut and edit content together in a visually appealing way. The content itself shows the industries the studio has proudly worked in and how they interpret that industry through graphic design.

Trait Two: Do You Vibe?

Once you’ve established that a studio is competent, you still have to decide if you actually want to work with them.

1. Online platforms (like company websites and social media) are visual representations of the studio that reflect how the they want to represent themselves.

Does their personality match yours/your brand’s?
Do you like their personality?

2. Before you commit to working together you’ll correspond with the studio to work out details. During that initial correspondence keep your eyes open:

Do they respond as fast as you want them to?
Do you feel like you’re pulling information out of them?
Do you enjoy talking to them?

3. Have they asked for your brand guidelines? Have they asked you any questions?

No matter how much information you give, you are not a designer so there are elements of their process that you don’t know. There’s bound to be some details (big or small) that the motion design studio will want from you.

An artist interested in making the BEST motion design will ask questions.

Trait Three: Will They Go Above and Beyond?

here are a few ways to gage if you’re working with a motion design studio that does what’s asked of them versus one that will go above and beyond out of passion for your project.

1. The best motion designer has the experience and knowledge to represent your brand in a visually appealing and inspiring way. Sometimes, it’s in a way that you haven’t thought of.

If the studio’s proposal doesn’t suggest new ways to represent your brand, your designer might be doing what’s asked of them instead of taking it a step further to do what’s best for you.

2. In the same vein, you want to hire someone who’s going to be honest and push your idea to be better, not a “yes man.”

3. Whether you’re building brand awareness or trying to drive sales, your motion design should reflect the passion you have for your industry and your target audience. The best motion designer will match your energy and bring that extra level of investment and interest to their work (your design).

The Best Motion Design Studio:

We are a full-service production company, which means we do more than just produce motion design content. We’ll help you develop your idea, produce it, and make sure your motion design engages with your target audience in the way that best serves your brand.

If you want to level-up your brand and work with a motion design studio that takes pride in content quality and customer care, contact us through the form below!

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