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Graphic design

Below is the raw ‘none-textual’ versions of the graphics i did for Gyldendal to their Hollywood presentation of the newest and hottest in script-ready books. Click here to see the actual finished brochure i did.


Sandstorm, Fury, Kastanie, Photoshop, Actions, Plugins Sandstorm, fury, actions, photoshop, jazz
Epilog_Layout_II01_Vaekstbanken_Pdf_CleanUp 02_Vaekstbanken_Pdf_CleanUp_Sub

Boliga_Brokop 03_BogForside 04_Flowerme_logo 04_qaim Femme Emballage 11_Vegas_Emballage_02

05_Accipio 09_Queam_T-shirt_back 08_Logo_StandOutMedia

  • Skills Graphic design, Layout, Logo design, UI design,
  • Clients IBM, Speakmedia, Boliga, Vaekstbanken, Grandtheme